Hot Shot Trucking InsuranceIf you own a trucking business running expedited freight, you need an insurance policy just for your business. Typically known as “hot shot trucking,” your business can carry loads of cars or freight for one or more customers. Your vehicle of choice can be anything from a three-quarter ton truck to a one and a half ton truck with a gooseneck trailer.

Insurance options for Hot Shot Trucking are similar to other commercial auto policies, but tend to to carry higher limits:

  • Liability Insurance (both for injury as well as property damage)
  • Physical Damage Insurance (to protect your vehicle and trailer)
  • Cargo Insurance (to protect your load)

It is important to know that Hot Shot Trucking is not a segment of the industry that a lot of insurance companies desire. You’re in a specific niche and that can lessen your ability to find agents or insurance companies willing to provide you coverage. Fortunately, we’ve developed a network of relationships with many insurance companies and can find you the right coverage for your hot shot trucking company.